Safety Policy

Safety is our number one priority

Safety is and has always been the number one focus of our business and our staff. EDUPLEX SPORT NPC has sought to set the standard for international industry best practice in safety. Over the past 4 years we have established a tightly managed and monitored safety system. Our safety system is designed to minimise the risk of injury, and includes venue management procedures, safety signage, safety announcements and patron rules. EDUPLEX SPORT NPC is a physical activity facility where injuries can happen.

We know our business relies on thousands of parents, schools and community groups each week deciding to visit our venues because they regard EDUPLEX SPORT NPC as a safe and fun activity. We value and honour the trust placed in us by our customers and do everything in our power to minimise the risk of injury in our venues.

Climbing Wall, Jump Track, Pump Track, MTB track, Sandpit, Jungle Gym

To minimise the risk that can be associated with adventure activities (as listed above) in an urban environment, our adventure-challenge areas have been designed by professionals in the industry, with high grade safety features  incorporated into the activity areas.

Staff training and supervision

All activity areas are monitored by trained staff and all team members complete:

  • External CPR and First Aid training

All team members complete the above training before monitoring areas.

Our three core safety rules are:

  1. No helmet no ride
  2. Attempt track within your skill level
  3. Children always need parental supervision

There are dedicated rules per area, which expand upon the above core rules.

Our staff also enforce our ‘no helmet no ride’ rule to avoid serious injury.



We encourage and welcome any feedback that helps us continue to develop a best practice safety program and environment at EDUPLEX SPORT NPC.