West Hendriks is the chair of Gauteng North OCR, part of the Executive Committee of OSFSA, he is also the official race referee for The Warrior Race and has taken part in 3 OCR World Championships: 2017 – Canada, 2018 – London & 2019 – London.

He is helping to expand the sport on a school level as OCR has now officially been recognized as a sport by the minister of sport and also world wide.

Keegan Grant is a full time Specialized Personal Trainer. He has worked with various athletes such as the Women’s Ice Hockey Captain & Co-Captain, OCR athletes, primary school athletics and high school rugby.

He is also currently coaching kids functional fitness classes and has a passion for children to develop their athletic potential. He has a wealth of experience in the health & fitness industry, not only as a personal trainer but also as a Sport facilitator and Manager.

Khatu Motau is a Personal Trainer who is always willing to learn. He teaches people the basics of fitness so that they will be able to execute everything else better. He loves all sports but has a passion for soccer and long distance running.

He has been running for the past 8 years and has been coaching and personal training for the last 2 years. He has found a new passion for coaching kids because they are the future of tomorrow. 

Olivia Grant is a Specialized Personal Trainer. She believes that through exercise we can create healthier generations and improve wellness & fitness across all ages.

Her passion is to work with people who have mobility restrictions, older adults and kids. She loves that OCR teaches us to work as a team, to be brave and conquer not only physical obstacles, but life’s obstacles.